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Featured on BBC News as an elite ‘ Super Tutor’ in Singapore
Featured on The Sunday Times newspapers as one of the five ‘most sought-after’ Super Tutors in Singapore

About Logo

JCEconomics.com is the registered trademark of JC Economics Education Centre Pte Ltd  (TM No.: T1417325Z).

Instead of depicting books or a mortarboard alluding to academic success, JCEconomics.com’s logo is unusual for containing only an attractive graphic illustration of Mr. Anthony Fok in white shirt, blue tie and trademark glasses.

The simple lines make the likeness almost like a doodle that a student might draw of a teacher in class. This straightforwardness echoes Anthony Fok’s teaching approach: make difficult concepts easy to understand using interesting, sometimes funny analogies, linking theory to daily life.

The focus on just one character in the logo also points to JC Economics being a one man show, so Anthony can ensure high-quality delivery of lessons, week after week. The commitment to personally teaching every one of the students who comes through his door means JCEconomics.com never becomes just an empty brand name.