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Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE)
Featured on BBC News as an elite ‘ Super Tutor’ in Singapore
Featured on The Sunday Times newspapers as one of the five ‘most sought-after’ Super Tutors in Singapore


To have every student appreciate the both the logical rigor and elegance of Economics as a subject. 


  • To help students see the link between what they study in theory and the applications in everyday life.

  • To kindle a love for the subject and look beyond academic grades.

  • To shorten the learning process and deliver results that the students need.

Our Story

The search for a meaning in his work is a fire that has burnt bright throughout Anthony’s career. After getting his accountancy degree, he was a tax consultant for one of the Big Four audit firms. But number-crunching soon proved unfulfilling for Anthony, who harboured a passion for teaching. He went back to school to get a postgraduate diploma in education and a masters degree in education, which led him to teaching in mainstream Ministry of Education (MOE) schools. There he was happy doing what he did best: imparting knowledge, inspiring young minds, and lending them a listening ear once exams got near.

He had finally found his calling, but he wanted more. He found that tutoring privately enabled him to reach out to students from a range of backgrounds and schools. The diversity challenged him to sharpen his teaching skills, and he loved it. So he left the Ministry of Education (MOE) and once again took a different path, this time opening JCEconomics.com in 2012 while pursuing a PhD in Education.

Wherever life will take him next, it is clear Anthony Fok will continue contributing to students’ lives, helping them dream more, achieve more, do more, and become more.