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A Level Economics Tuition in Singapore

Navigating the challenges of GCE A-Level examinations requires a steadfast support system, and Mr. Anthony Fok goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive assistance to his students. This article explores the multifaceted support offered by Mr. Fok, encompassing round-the-clock availability, marked feedback, after-class consultations, and access to supplementary learning resources. With his unwavering commitment, students can enhance their learning experience and significantly elevate their chances of success.

Round-the-Clock Assistance:

Recognizing that queries and uncertainties can arise at any time, Mr. Anthony Fok ensures constant accessibility for his students. Leveraging platforms like WhatsApp, he remains available 24/7 to address questions beyond regular tuition hours. This continuous availability ensures that students can seek assistance whenever needed, eliminating concerns about being confined to seeking clarification solely during lesson time. This round-the-clock support enhances the convenience and reduces the stress associated with the learning journey.

Marked Feedback:

Effective learning involves consistent practice, yet without feedback, gauging progress becomes challenging. Mr. Fok contributes significantly by offering marked feedback on students’ work, encompassing essays, case studies, and exercises from various sources like tuition classes, assessment books, and school assignments. This personalized feedback enables students to pinpoint areas for improvement, comprehend their strengths and weaknesses, and gain valuable insights into their academic progress. With Mr. Fok’s guidance, students can make their practice sessions more purposeful and develop a profound understanding of the subject matter.

After-Class Consultations:

Acknowledging that some students may hesitate to pose questions during lessons for various reasons, Mr. Anthony Fok introduces after-class consultation sessions. These one-on-one interactions create a conducive and focused environment for students to seek clarification, pose in-depth questions, and delve into challenging concepts. Through these personalized consultations, students can deepen their understanding, address specific concerns, and cultivate the confidence needed to excel in their studies. These sessions serve as a safe space for students to explore intricate topics and ensure a comprehensive grasp of the subject matter.

Access to Supplementary Learning Resources:

Understanding the diverse needs of each student, Mr. Anthony Fok readily provides additional resources upon students’ requests. Whether students require extra practice materials, concise summary notes for challenging topics, or supplementary reading material to augment their understanding, Mr. Fok ensures they have access to a rich array of resources. These materials serve as invaluable aids for independent study, enabling students to reinforce their grasp of key concepts, practice effectively, and further enrich their knowledge. With these additional resources, students can tailor their learning experience to align with their unique needs and preferences.


Mr. Anthony Fok’s dedication to his students transcends traditional classroom boundaries. Through round-the-clock assistance, marked feedback, after-class consultations, and access to supplementary learning resources, he empowers GCE A-Level students to excel in their studies. His unwavering guidance enables students to overcome doubts, refine their skills, and gain the confidence necessary to triumph over the challenging GCE A-Level examinations. By availing themselves of Mr. Fok’s comprehensive support, students can optimize their learning experience, elevate their academic performance, and increase their likelihood of achieving exceptional results.

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